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Deliverance Ministry
Columbus, OH, USA & Online

Adults, Children, Families & Married Couples

One of Pastor Steve's favorite things to do is see the power of the Spirit set people free from demons. He has done corporate and one-on-one deliverance in Africa, the US, Dominican Republic, Canada, the Philippines and online. Having been delivered himself from deep dark oppression and many other things from his past and generations before him, he can fully sympathize with those who need freedom having been freed himself.

By the finished work of the cross of Jesus, the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit Pastor Steve will work with you until you are free.

All you need to do is show up to every online session, and yield to God and what He wants to do and for you to do so you can be free and stay free.


The symptoms below are not exhaustive and it is possible you have multiple spiritual challenges and bondages to deal with. Try to understand demons as evil, wicked tenants that must be ejected, otherwise they will make your life a living hell!

Constant eating in the dreams and seeing dead relatives​


This article contains a very good explanation


  1. Watch Free Indeed Series 1-11

  2. Make a donation to the ministry before every session

  3. Before your first session fill out the Pre-Deliverance Form you will be emailed.

  4. After you give a donation for each session we will contact you to set up an appointment 

  5. Begin your sessions and don't stop until you are free.

  6. Once FREE stay FREE!


50 Minute Sessions- Sessions can last up to 50 minutes but that isn't guaranteed. Once the Holy Spirit is done that session there is no going forward until the next. This depends on many factors.

1st Session- We review the personal information form the Deliverance Form, talk about it and see if there is more to add and answer any questions you might have.

2nd Session and On- We begin the process of working together in faith and prayer to free you of all that is oppressing you. We meet at least once a week until you are FREE! The average is 5 total sessions but that cannot be guaranteed because of so my unknow variables involved. The key is through Jesus, the Spirt and the Word we will see to it you get FREE and stay FREE!


Deliverance can be an ongoing process. You can stop any time but it's recommended that to come to the place of FREEDOM before stopping. You are FREE when the oppression is gone and remains that way. You will be taught how to stay free, once FREE!


For those who go through the deliverance process completely we offer Discipleship Groups for you to meet with online or in person on a regular basis to help keep you strong and learning more about Jesus and the Word of God.


You must be saved and Jesus is not only your Savior but also Lord to receive deliverance. Biblically He cannot be One without being the other but erroneous teaching, fast alter calls  and saying the Sinners Prayer once in your life have twisted the truth of Scriptures.

Do you just go to church and pray and read the Word a little but the rest of your life Jesus isn't important? Or is Jesus Lord and the Master of your life, your everything, your greatest love; you obey Him and are quick to confess and repent when you sin? Do you practice and run to sin or do you practice righteousness and run from sin?

You have to be at the least be attempting to live a righteous life before deliverance or your sins which are open doors to the devil will keep you from getting FREE! We can discuss this in the 1st session if you need. I would recommend you read all the 1st section of Biblical Foundations, all of Foundation One "Knowing Jesus Christ as Lord"  before your first session. We recommend this for all who are coming for deliverance no matter how long you have been going to church.

Reach out for FREEDOM!

If you would like someone to contact you about in person or virtual deliverance sessions, please fill out the form.

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Our lives & ministry are funded by your generous giving.
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