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Church and Ministry & Missions School

Equipping a Generation to Live Like Jesus Lived & Do What Jesus Did in Sustained Revival


The GEN217 Equipping Center is following the original MISSION & VISION of Children's Life International since it is a ministry branch of Children's Life International.


To spend and be spent to reach poor and hungry children and minister to their spiritual, physical, material, and educational needs.


The VISION is fulfilled through our Church of Discipleship Groups and Ministry & Missions School that is in an Outpouring of the Spirit in a sustained Revival through which we will minister to, disciple, spiritually parent, train, equip, send, and support young adults and those older but young at heart members and students who will become radical, yielded, laid down lovers, holy given with reckless devotion to Jesus as Lord and Savior who will live like He lived and do what He did at any cost.

The Church members and Ministry & Missions School graduates will be sent into their sphere of influence in the Seven Mountains of Society which are Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment and Business.

The Church members and Ministry & Missions School graduates will also minister with us to help go to, pray for, and financially support the MISSION & VISION to spend and be spent to reach the poor and hungry children that God is sending us to as a ministry organization.

The GEN217 name comes from Acts 2:17 speaking of the Holy Spirit falling upon multiple generations in the last days confirmed in Acts 2:39. Then we are called to fulfill all of Acts & Ephesians 1:17- 23 & 4:11-16 supporting the Church's, Christ's Body overall purpose for existing along with many more New Testament Scriptures backing our existence and calling.

The GEN217 Equipping Center has a Church of Discipleship Groups and a Ministry & Missions School. The Church doesn't have Discipleship Groups but is made up of Discipleship Groups. The Discipleship Groups are the Church.

The Ministry & Missions School happens within the Discipleship Groups for those who want to attend in person and online until if and when there is a Missions Base geographically chosen by God.

All ministry is done in homes accept when renting space for corporate worship and ministry times. This is so most the ministry income can be used for staff, missionaries and our missions work among the poor and hungry children we go to.

At the GEN217 Equipping Center we will train and equip you to fulfill the MISSION & VISION of this ministry by placing you in Discipleship Groups, on Ministry Teams and you can attend our Ministry & Missions School to be prepared to go to into your world and the nation. 

At the GEN217 Equipping Center we will train and equip you in sustained revival  to live like Jesus lived in the Presence of God, the Power of the Spirit, in righteousness and holiness.

We will train and equip you to do what Jesus did, to cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, work signs, wonders & miracles with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, how to study, preach and teach the Word of God, witness to others without fear and in the power of the Spirit, do mercy ministry among the poor and prepare you for local and overseas missions work when God calls you to it.

You will be a part of a global corporate family who will love you, pray for you and support you in all God calls you to do.

We understand this ministry isn't for everyone but if this is a life that you want to live for Jesus, please contact us.

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