Healing Ministry

Prayer for Those Who Need Physical Healing

Steve will minister to those in need of physical healing through the phone or video chat. He will also teach you what you might need to know about healing and also give you some suggested resources for your personal study.

We believe it is the Lord’s will to heal His children and that healing is provided for us through Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. Therefore, the Healing Ministry of Pastor Steve is founded on the sufficiency of Jesus’ shed blood on the cross, the Lord’s presence in our midst, the release of His compassion through a servant-hearted minister, and faith that Jesus will do what He has said He will do as revealed in the Word of God.

From the prophecies written about Jesus, and from the way He ministered while He was on the earth, we believe it is still Jesus’ heart to heal the sick. He loves to do good to those who are weak, sick, and broken (Acts 10:38). He is humble and lowly of heart, longing to save and deliver. When sending out the apostles to do the work of His ministry, Jesus told them to go and heal the sick and to declare that the kingdom of God has come near (Lk. 10:9).

Steve has been operating in the healing ministry internationally for over 30 years. Through his decades of studying healing and by the Spirit operating in the ministry of healing he can help you to come into the fullness of all that Jesus has provided for you.