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A Fun Evangelistic Outreach & Mercy Ministry

to Minister to the Needs of Children

Through prayer, the Holy Spirit and along with looking over the area in person we choose the place to go and  weekly reach out to the children and their families through our Kid's Life Club(s).

When we are ministering in the US as the weather permits we either go to neighborhoods with a lot of children, public parks  or apartment complexes to minister to children. The process and ministry are the same in all countries while making adjustments with feeding and giving food according local rules and regulations,

When we are in a country outside of the US where the climate is tropical we go to the mothers who are usually outside with the children and explain to them what we do, give them a flyer with pertinent information about the ministry and answer any questions they might have at the time. Then we offer them a starting day and time that they agree with.

When the prearranged day and time come, we arrive and go from house to house and gather all the children and begin by singing songs, playing games and having fun because, "Everything is fun with Jesus"" Then one of us or our team gives them a basic Gospel message about Jesus from the Gospels. We give them time to receive Jesus and then demonstrate His kingdom and power through praying for personal needs, physical healing and freedom and allow the Spirit to speak to them and minister as He wills. Children always love His power and presence.

Past Philippines Ministry to Children
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