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Deliverance  Single  Session Donation

We ask that you would donate here before each scheduled session. You choose from the listed sliding income scale at the bottom.

You are not paying to receive ministry but supporting a ministry that is helping you as well as you helping us to continue to help others.

Our ministries means of financial support from God are donations from gracious people like you.

*All donations are nonrefundable.

**Each individual Session donation can be made in advance from this page.

***On one will be prevented from receiving Deliverance who honestly can't give anything.

Children’s Life International/GEN217CHURCH Deliverance Ministry Sessions


Monthly Income Sliding Scale
Since Gen217CHURCH is only in its planting stage, we have no income from it.

To make all our ministry available to all income levels to receive, we have a sliding fee scale discount. Many Scriptures speak of giving to those who minister to you. Our whole ministry is only funded by God through gracious people like you.
We are available to assist you in determining if you are eligible for our Sliding Scale Options. To make this fair to all you MUST show most recent proof of income for all family members/individuals living in your household; examples of accepted documents include:
•    Previous year’s 1040 tax form
•    One month of pay stubs
•    1 unemployment stub
•    Food Stamp Award Letter
•    Copy of Social Security or Disability Check
•    Letter from an employer that states your salary or wages.

*Any proof of income can be photographed with a smart phone and emailed to: Place your full name in the subject area the way you gave it in the questionnaire.

**For a course donation . Please state your name and what course you are donating towards.  

***If you are in a time of financial struggle, we will work with you. Call or email us


50 Minute Deliverance Sessions

Average will be up to 50 minutes. Sessions needed are usually 4+ depending on the issues you are dealing with.


Sliding Income Scale

This is to help everyone to be able to give according to their income.

Monthly Income Ranges:

  1. Under $2,000- $25/Session 

  2. $2,001- $3,499- $50/ Session

  3. $3,500- $4,999- $75/ Session

  4. $5,000 & Above- $100/ Session

*All donations are nonrefundable.

**You are allowed to only miss one session by calling 24 hours in advance to be able to make up that missed session only one time.

Donate for Single Session

I Want to Give a Larger Donation or

Add Recurring Weekly/Monthly Giving

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