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UTN Distance Learning, Online & In-person Classes

1st Year- Discipleship School

The 3 types of UTN's 1st Year Discipleship School will all operate on the same calendar year like a US school district annual calendar starting in the Fall with 36 weeks total.  All materials are studied at home and then discussed during the weekly 3 hour class on Sundays.

2nd Year- Ministry & Leadership School

The 2nd Year Ministry & Leadership School will do the same every year but is only 14 weeks in length between January and April.

These calendars will be posted on this site.

UTN with both of it's Schools will begin Fall of 2022 and continue every year to come until Jesus says otherwise.

All materials are studied at home and then discussed during the weekly 3 hour class time to be announced.

1st Year- Discipleship School Courses 
  1. Christian Foundations

  2. Sin, Grace & Holiness

  3. Walking with God

  4. Faith & the Word of God

  5. Prayer & Intercession

  6. Demons & Spiritual Warfare

  7. Holy Spirit & His Gifts

  8. Healing & Deliverance Ministry

  9. Prophetic Ministry

  10. Supernatural Evangelism

  11. God’s Presence & Revival


*Students purchase their own materials for every class.

**Each book/manual has one week for study and personal highlighting accept for Christian Foundation. It has 12- 60 page booklets which will require 3 weeks for study, highlighting and answering the questions in the back of each booklet.

***Online & In-person Classes are held on very Sunday Evening from 5:30PM- 8:30PM EST during the school year.

2nd Year- Ministry & Leadership School Modules 

This School is completely different than the 1st Year. It is a video school with FREE PDF handouts in each of it's 3 modules of 45- 50 minute classes 45 each module. There are no student study materials to purchase for this School. They are included in the tuition.

Module I Objectives

This module is designed to train leaders for dynamic cell-based ministry. You will understand the biblical basis for relational small group ministry, spiritual parenting and church planting. As a student you will be:

  • Learning about the biblical basis for starting cell groups.

  • Developing an appreciation for the Kingdom values behind small group ministry and church planting.

  • Learning about mistakes others have made in cell ministry and how to avoid them.

  • Understanding the keys to cell group multiplication.

  • Gaining an understanding of servant leadership.

  • Learning how to train cell leaders.

  • Developing strategies to develop leaders and training them.

  • Understanding the importance of fields of ministry in kingdom expansion.

  • Discovering how to lead and make decisions in a biblical manner that values people.

  • Learning how to keep cell groups from becoming just another program in your church.

  • Discerning the importance of relationships in church building.

  • Cultivating the character to finish the race and help others to persevere.

  • Building an appreciation and burden for church planting.

Module II Objectives

This module emphasizes New Testament leadership for the cell-based church.  As a student you will be:

  • Learning about leadership and team building.

  • Developing practical skills for spiritual parenting

  • Learning about modern day apostles and their function today.

  • Understanding the ministry of prophets and how they team up with apostles to impact the world.

  • Gaining an understanding of spiritual gifts and how to recognize them in others and help them develop these gifts.

  • Discovering how different personality types and role preferences are important in developing leaders and team building.

  • Learning how to maintain healthy perspectives as a leader just as Jesus did.

  • Developing an appreciation of proper, godly church discipline and correction.

  • Understanding how to practically set people free from demonic spirits and curses over their lives.

  • Discerning the importance of properly handling prophesies and examining the motivation for ministry.

  • Learning how to avoid spiritual deception.

  • Cultivating the kind of prayer life a leader needs to maintain.

  • Building Godly character for a lifetime of ministry.

Module III Objectives

This module emphasizes training for practical ministry. It will be especially helpful for those who have had no formal training for ministry and want to see the kingdom of God expand into all areas of society. As a student you will be:

  • Learning how to minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  • Developing an understanding of the Holy Spirit’s work and the spirit world.

  • Learning how the Kingdom of God can expand into all areas of society.

  • Gaining an appreciation for releasing believers as ministers in to the marketplace.

  • Understanding how vision is developed and shared with others.

  • Learning about the Bible and how to interpret it properly.

  • Discovering tangible proofs for the Biblical worldview and Christianity.

  • Developing teaching skills for small groups and sermon preparation for large groups.

  • Developing an appreciation of church history and the lessons to be learned.

  • Building a passion for missions and reaching the Muslim nations of the world.

  • Discerning the importance of intercession and learning how to build intercession teams.

  • Learning how to prepare pre/post marital counselors to assist engaged couples.

  • Understanding Biblical Prosperity and God’s plan to finance the great commission.

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