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GEN217 Mission & Vision

Equippping Generations to Live Like Jesus Lived & Do What Jesus Did in Sustained Revival

IT IS A VISION that the GEN217 Ministry Equipping Center geographically and online are first and foremost a resting place for God’s Manifest Presence in sustained revival for all ministries activities and peoples lives involved. (Isaiah 66:1-2 & Psalm 12:1-5, 13-18)

IT IS A VISION that everyone and every ministry will be completely given our to the Spirit so He can be in complete control at all times of our ministries and our lives so He can say what He wants to say, do what He wants to do,  whenever, however and as long as He wants to.

IT IS A VISION that we will disciple, spiritually parent, train, equip,support & send out into their world generations of children, youth, young adults, older adults & Seniors who are hungry for more of Jesus at any cost. They will be radical, hungry, yielded, laid down lovers, wholly given with reckless devotion to Jesus as Lord & Savior who will live like Jesus lived & do what Jesus did in sustained revival so they can carry the Fire for God as Firebrands everywhere they go to release it upon those around them.

IT IS A VISION to teach them how to live a life of continual prayer, intercssion ad waiting on His Presence so the Fire will never go out but only intensify.
IT IS A VISION to teach them how to walk in a living, deep and intimate relationship with Jesus through the Word and by the Holy Spirit.

IT IS A VISION to teach them how to by faith pray and receive from God all He has promised in His Word and personally.
IT IS A VISION to teach them how to pray for and minister to family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and those around them. 
IT IS A VISION to teach them how to give their testimony, talk to people about Jesus and lead them into a radical life transforming salvation and relationship with Jesus.
IT IS A VISION to teach them how to make disciples that will make disciples of those they are ministering to that get saved.
IT IS A VISION to teach them how to water baptize their disciples, get them filled the Holy Spirit & Fire and teach them how to bare the fruit of the Spirit, walk in, live in, and be led by the Spirit in everyday life.

IT IS A VISION to teach them how to live a life of victory over all darkness through Biblical spiritual warfare using the Word and the authority Jesus has given them for themselves and their disciples.
IT IS A VISION to teach them how to study, preach and teach the Word of God at their level of grace and faith.

IT IS A VISION to teach them how to minister to the needs of the poor locally and for international missions work for those who are called.
IT IS A VISION to teach them how to move in the Gifts of the Spirit, cast out demons, heal the sick and move in signs & wonders.

IT IS A VISION to teach them how to be spiritual parents to a younger generation of Christians.

IT IS A VISION to minister to them through our Discipleship Groups, Kid's Life Clubs, Holy Spirit & Fire School, Church Planting & Leadership School, Ministry Center, Ministry Network, church & micro church plants, Holy Spirit & Fire Gatherings, with our website, podcasts, live and recorded ministry on social media and any ministry we might do publicly or in churches.

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